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Master Thesis Merle Flügge

Role: Graduation Supervisor

Congratulations to Merle, Graduate of 2017

The Schizophrenic Interior and the Aesthetics of the Imaginary





Master Thesis Sami Hammana

Role: Graduation Supervisor

Congratulations to Sami, Graduate of 2016

'Air Trading'






at Galerie Kromme Elleboog, Rotterdam, 4-9 February 2016


The first year graduated from our Minor+ Visual Culture.


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Supervision Visual Culture, Installation Untitled, 2016 by Lauren Brand, Sami Hamana and Anna Pech decodes, analyses and maps the encrypted radio communication between authorities in the immediate 5km vicinity of the white cube. It sets out to use the legal privileges appointed to art as an opportunity for resistance. Calling upon art to introduce functions that otherwise won’t be tolerated by making use of the legal loophole that is created within the art institution (gallery, museum) as an extrajudicial space. Thanks also to Paolo Ciri








Supervision Project Visual Culture, BA Studies
Anne Tullemans, Danique, Rosa Wenzberg 2016, White Noise, Film Here



Supervision Project Visual Culture, BA Studies

Grace Wong-Si-Kwie 2016, in progress, Film Here


Supervision of Master Graduation Work 2014, Interiors of Memories, by Joanne Choueiri, MA, Architect, Interior Architect

The narrative is a means for the creation of spatial experiences. It allows the reader to escape into another world constructed by the author. The fantasy genre that is known as " literature that is away from reality", generates these different worlds based on past models. Memories of a past,thus, become prominent for the production of a new reality. The project investigates personal memories as a source material for the production of new, fantastic experiences.


Built on the theoretical and artistic study of the fantastic genre, Luigi Serafini’s “Codex Seraphinianus”, and George Perec’s “Species of Spaces and other Pieces”, narratives based on memories expanded the limits of understanding of a space beyond its physical constraints. It enabled the generation of a set of rules for the creation of spaces based on memories.

Interiors of Memories is a collection of spaces based in the domestic that utilizes memories as a foundation for the creation of new forms of interiors. These interiors, fantastic in nature, attempt to redefine the existing programmatic functions of the home.




Thesis Book

Graduation Show 2014 MIARD titled Fabrication of Atmosphere at Post-Office. Interiors of Memories, Joanne Choueiri. 2014. Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn