'Gold.Alchemic Desire' in Swiss Psychotropic Gold, Nina Bandi & knowbotiq (Eds.), Christoph Merian Verlag, 2020



On Adidas Changing It

My robot, my shoe
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'Interiors of Memories: A study of personal memories based on the works of Luigi Serafini and Georges Perec'

Joanne Choueiri, Füsun Türetken, Journal Interstices Journal of Architecture and Related Arts, 2018


(Peer Reviewed Article)



'Modern Love' Füsun Türetken and Tamar Shafrir, ARTs, Artificial Intelligence, in Volume Magazine, September 2016

Volume #49: Hello World! includes ‘In Loving Support’







'Encounter the Contemporary' Irit Rogoff and Füsun Türetken in conversation, The Research Turn, in Volume Magazine,  June 2016, More






Breathing Space The Amalgamated Toxicity of Ground Zero by Füsun Türetken
in Forensis The Architecture of Public Truth edited by Forensic Architecture, Sternberg Press Berlin, 2014
Füsun wishes to acknowledge Fareed Armaly for his conceptual generosity and verve during the initial stages of drafting this essay.
Breathing Space The Amalgamted Toxicity [...]
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Microsphere Image of WTC Dust
"A note on the unity of theory and pratice in Interior Architecture", in xCity, Making Interior Cities. Initatives on the Interior as a City. Online publication, available on ISUU, 2014
A note on the unity of theory and practi[...]
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Article on Sharon Hayes' work: 'I March In The Parade of Liberty But As Long As I Love You I’m Not Free' in Bossing Images. Macht der Bilder, queere Kunst und Politik dt.engl. / The Power of Images, Queer Art, and Politics. NGBK Berlin 2012. ISBN 978-3-938515-45-7





Article 'Letter to the Academy of Fine Arts' in Letters to Istanbul in New City Reader published during and before Istanbul Design Biennale 2012, including letters by Orhan Pamuk, Hans-Ulrich Obrist et al. August 2012. Print and Online. Füsun wishes to acknowledge Sophie Goltz for her generosity in thinking along those lines...




'Talking Eyes' Lecture Series. Design for flyer, poster and website, 2012

Talking eyes

Flyer Talking Eyes Small 2012.pdf
Flyer Talking Eyes Small 2012.pdf
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'Fluchtlinien entlang 9/11. Episode I bis III.' in 'Glanz der Städte' Polar#12, 2012. Magazine for Politics and Theory.





Article ‘Fluchtlinien entlang 9/11. Episode I bis III’ in ‘Lichter der Stadt’ in Polar, Berlin.
 Magazine for Politics and Theory.





‘Forensics Politicised’ in Abitare, Italy, March 2011


Note: The Article was titled The Ground Zero mosque in Abitare, which wasn't intendedby the author.
It also includes an editing mistake in the English version. For correct version please contact us.
Special thanks to Lucia Tozzi.

Abitare, Milan, March 2011.





The New City Reader is a temporary newspaper that was published from October 6, 2010
to January 9, 2011 as part of the Last Newspaper exhibition at the New Museum, 235 Bowery,
New York City.






For New City Reader Edition 'Legal' please click here


Speech and Spatical Tactics, The New City Reader, 'Legal', New York City, 2010




'Faith in the City. The Mosque in the Contemporary Urban West', July 2011

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‘Istanbul Kesisimler Sehri/Istanbul City of Intersections' 

Urban Age Istanbul, Urban Age Program, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, 2009


For English version please click here

For Turkish version please click here

Istanbul City of Intersections, Urban Age Program, London School of Economics, London 2009



'Updating Germany'. German Pavilion at 11th Architecture Biennale Venice 2008




‘Urban Pioneers Berlin’. Senate of Urban Development Berlin, 2007




‘Shrinking Cities, Vol. 2: Interventions’, Berlin 2006




‘Zwischennutzung des Palast der Republik, Bilanz einer Transformation, 2003 ff.’ Berlin, 2006

Download pdf here




‘11th International Architecture Exhibition: La Biennale Di Venezia’,
Participating Countries. Special and Collateral Events’, 2008




'Cities: People, Society, Architecture: 10th International Architecture Exhibition - Venice Biennale', 2006





'Cultural Entrepreneurs and their Interim Projects', Frankfurt, Weimar, 2004

All Copyrights reserved Mapping Cultural Entrepreneurs And Their networks