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HNI Thursday Night Live, Reading Matter, 14 March 2019



Atoms and particles, rare earth minerals and hybrid composites, precious metals and microwaves, matter is commonly perceived as a passive commodity ought to be mobilised to become material. But when approached through a lens of human productivity, only certain facets of matter get recognised as valuable part of the market. In this event, Evelina Domnitch will address strategies for expanding the human perception of the material forces and agency of matter, from chemical and quantum to micro-gravitational. Through performative environments and phenomenological experiments that exceed the scope of applied science and challenge the disciplinary boundaries, Domnitch invites to rethink the nature of human relationship with matter.

Using material and the concept of conductivity as a lens, Füsun Türetken will explore a range of instances where conflict and capital can be read through matter, more precisely metal. Acknowledging ‘metal as conductor of all matter’, her work proposes a theory of the complicity of metals as quasi-agents that influence and register events, and addresses metal’s role in shaping the world of finance, belief systems, geopolitical relations, (digital) bodies, even the stratosphere and the ‘climate-engineered’ weapons. Türetken will screen her latest film ‘Alchemic Desire’, which examines the parallels between the practice of trading metals at the world’s biggest physical metals exchange, the London Metal Exchange (LME), deleuzo-guattarian models of psycho-social dynamics, and the practice of alchemy.





Talk at KABK The Hague, Fault Lines, 14 December 2018




HNI Thursday Night Live, 28 June 2018
with Chris Lee, HNI Fellow, and Lisa Geitelman, Professor of Media and English NYU, New York
Mineral, Immutable: To design a document
HNI Workshop 20 June 2018
Mark Wigley, Ollie Palmer, Füsun Türetken et al.
Architecture of the Radio (Insect and Antenna)

Lecture at Building Diversity, TU Delft Conference, 16 May 2018

a workshop and discussion forum on the representation of gendersexualityethnicity and disability in architectural education, practice and research




International Experts Workshop Xenofeminismarchitecture 3/4 May 2018
Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam



Exhibition Alchemic Desire on show at STUK Leuven, Artefakt, 'Rare Earth-Stories from Below',

Click http://www.artefact-festival.be/en/rare-earth-stories-below, February 2018



Publication Interiors of Memories: A study of personal memories based on the works of Luigi Serafini and Georges Perec

Joanne Choueiri, Füsun Türetken
Journal Interstices Journal of Architecture and Related Arts




Film Alchemic Desire at IMPAKT Festival HAUNTED MACHINES & WICKED PROBLEMS 25-29 Oktober 2017

Utrecht, Impakt Festival is curated by Tobias Revell and Natalie Kane



My Film Alchemic Desire will be shown at EYE Film Museum Amsterdam, Fibre Festival, 9th May 2017, 19.00

Click here



Radio InterviewDe Brakke Grond, Saturday, 13th May 2017, 11.00

Füsun Türetken, Modern Love, Love in the age of online dating with Tamar Shafrir. Jajaneeneeradio.
How the Swipe right-the algorithm- is replacing Cupid's arrow.




Design Dialogues

Metals, Metals Everywhere by Füsun Türetken, Schlak by Giuseppe Licari, Ore Streams by Formafantasma





Lecture at NEEDS - The First Northern European Conference on Emergency and Disaster Studies 
Discussing Slow Violence, Environtalism, NYC Response and Safeguard after WTC Collapse, 
9 to 11 December 2015,
University Copenhagen. Thanks to Peer Illner


https://twitter.com/jeroenwolbers/status/675272063762964480 https://twitter.com/fravili



Malta Smallcinemasmalta, Panel Spatial Encounters, "Cubical Warriors, on Drone Warfare, In Theatre, and Interior", 
 24-26 September, 2015. Thanks to Charlie Gauchi, Bettina Hutschek and Tom van Malderen

Tom van Malderen, FT, Silvio Carta




Füsun Türetken and Max BruinsmaOpenset Dutch Design Summer School
"Designing experience: moment, stage, memory", workshop 26 July to 8 August 2015, Rotterdam


On top of #Rotterdam with Füsun Türetken and Max Bruinsma. Soon final workshop presentations @v2unstable #experience https://twitter.com/opensetschool/status/626750963609698304




Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Füsun Türetken presenting a performance lecture
at Göteborg International Biennale for Contemporary Art, Speak Easy,
4 September 2013, Göteborg, Quai of Broken Dreams. More on www.GIBCA.se




Füsun Türetken with Burak Arikan Mapping Relations of Funding and Knowlegde 
at Former West. Documentations, Constellations, Prospects. 18-24 March 2013. 
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.


Strand: Infrastructure


Video of talk here



Architecture and Ideology II: How to intervene

Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin

22 September 2012


Ideologies leave their mark not just on certain forms of government and political systems (of thought). In fact, the values and convictions of a society follow the concrete structures of people's everyday lives. Buildings and roads, living and working quarters in a city influence not only milieu and habitus but also the attitudes and morals of their inhabitants. In three panel discussions, architects, city planners and curators address the multi-faceted relationships between architecture, ideology and art.


With Florian Köhl (fat koehl Architekten), Andreas Müller (Architect), Füsun Türetken (Artist, Architect), Francesca Ferguson (Curator) Chair and curator: Valerie Smith