Does The Bus Stop Here?

Multi-Channel Soundinstallation and Lecture, Istanbul, 2011

Nabil Ahmed, Füsun Türetken with Abbas Nokhasteh


The mosque in contemporary Europe is a contested space. Its architecture is at the same time informal, hidden, public, and most of all political in so far as Mosques act as barometers to the atmospheres of democracy in European cities, between the folds of social inclusion and plurality, migrant struggles and Islamophobia. Most recently conceived as a multi-channel sound installation funded by Openvizor as a parallel event to the 12th Istanbul Biennale‚ Does the Bus Stop Here?’ is an ongoing project by the artists Nabil Ahmed and Füsun Türetken which produces counter geographies of the contemporary European city using sound recordings made inside prayer spaces at various locations in Paris, London and Istanbul.



Special thanks to Abbas Nokhasteh.


Photographs by Helene Kazan, Füsun Türetken and Lydia Ward.

Thanks to Mine Eymür, Helene Kazan and Dilara Öner.




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